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YogaVita on YouTube

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

You can now enjoy YogaVita yoga on YouTube to practice between classes, check out my teaching style, and keep informed about yoga for health and stress management.

In 2020, when the first lockdown happened, YogaVita moved fairly swiftly to online teaching. To my and my clients' surprise this was much more fun than anticipated, and the majority are still practicing with me online. Recently, I started releasing short YouTube videos to make gentle, nurturing yoga practices accessible for everyone.

Why Short Yoga Sessions?

It is thank to the Coronavirus pandemic that I discovered how wonderful it is to do a short, daily (yes: daily!) yoga practice. Before, my personal practice was attending other teachers' yoga classes about twice a week. I still do this - but: When the Coronavirus pandemic started I found myself in a situation that was crazy with things to organise to make sure the family is safe, as well as emotionally challenging. That's when I discovered that a short, daily yoga practice is much more appropriate for my needs.

Because the practice is short (15 - 20 minutes), it fits more easily into a busy day without losing any of the benefits. And if you have done yoga before you already know that the benefits are indeed manifold:

  • Yoga is Me-time away from chores

  • It's an opportunity to relax

  • It's an opportunity to recharge your batteries

  • The body simply feels great after practicing

  • You become stronger and more flexible

  • You destress and feel more grounded, centred and at peace

  • You leave with a feeling of general wellbeing.

I am so convinced by this format now that I would like to invite you to try it out for yourself. Especially if you are using yoga to maintain your general physical and mental health, to destress and keep your inner balance, then shorter and more frequent yoga practices are more effective than one extended class once a week.

Remember to Carve Out Me Time

Creating time for yourself when you are needed everywhere by everyone for everything can be hard, but it is essential. You need a bit of time and space to just breathe, let go and enjoy yourself. A 20 minute yoga practice can work wonders, that's why I started to release short, gentle, stress-releasing yoga practices on YouTube. Please try a few, like and subscribe, and keep yoga-ing!

How to Practice Yoga at Home

Schedule your precious yoga time into your diary and ask to be left undisturbed. In order to establish a routine, it really helps to block a regular time and commit to your yoga practice as you would to other commitments.

Practicing yoga at home is pretty straightforward:

  • Find a suitable space. This space should be big enough, even, clean, and clear of clutter. Ideally, use a yoga mat as it helps define your space and offers a non-slip surface.

  • Wear something comfortable.

  • Stay hydrated.

  • Listen to your body. Because you are practicing without teacher, you need to be your own teacher. If a pose or transition in any of the videos doesn't feel right for you simply leave it out or try a different video.

  • Don’t worry if you lag behind or about doing something ‘wrong’. Rather find enjoyment in the movements and stretches. Do what feels good.

  • Be aware of what you need TODAY. Is it something relaxing, energising, stretchy, active, restorative, gentle, powerful? Adapt your home yoga practice accordingly so that you feel good and satisfied afterwards.

  • Don’t practice if you feel unwell, have an injury, or are recovering from an operation or from Covid-19. Always follow your doctor’s advice about exercising. Remember that you practice at your own risk.

“There is no age to yoga. You can start at 70, 80, because if it’s done with gravity, with breath, you receive and you don’t go against, and you will never damage the body. The first thing is not to fight yourself. Be ready to receive energy. Energy helps, breathing helps. There is no age.” (Vanda Scaravelli)

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