Building Strength with Yoga


Building strength is one of my most popular workshop topics. I can see why: Building strength is rewarding because we can feel the results relatively quickly. With increased strength we can start to learn more challenging poses such as arm balances. Most importantly though, maintaining muscular strength will allow us to stay active, able to Continue reading »

Introduction to Mindful Meditation


Mindful Meditation is both simple and difficult. Not surprisingly, the devil lies in the detail as I found out as soon as I started trying meditating. The general principles, however, are straightforward. From buddhism to present day Mindfulness Meditation is found in Buddhism as the seventh element of the Noble Eightfold Path to finding release from the cycle of rebirth. Wind Continue reading »

What is Yin and What is Yang Yoga?

Thai Chi

‘Yin’ and ‘yang’ are terms originating in traditional Chinese philosophy, so how did they find their way into yoga and what can you expect in a Yin and Yang Yoga class? ‘Yin’ and ‘yang’ describe the opposite forces inherent in nature. These forces may seem contrary but are actually complementary and interdependent aspects of the Continue reading »

How to Start Practicing Yoga at Home

Yoga Home Practice

Is your yoga studio closed over the festive period? Maybe this is a good opportunity to get started with practicing yoga at home! If going to a class is a bit like going to school then practicing at home is like becoming a teacher yourself. There are so many spiritual and health benefits of yoga, why let Continue reading »

More Workshops in 2019

Yoga Workshops

A series of yoga workshops for the first half of 2019 are already planned and in the diary. Whether you simply want to relax during an extended yoga practice, progress your practice through building strength and flexibility, or learn something new like stress management skills, you might like to attend these. Book directly with The Secret Continue reading »

Sources of Stress: The Five Kleshas

Five Kleshas Yogavita

When dealing with stress, it is helpful to identify the sources of our stress. The five kleshas are yoga’s perspective on these sources, focussing on the role of our mind. This is my very personal view on the five kleshas as outlined in Patanjali’s yoga sutra 2.3, and how they contribute to everyday stress. Klesha Continue reading »

Best Breathing Techniques to Control Stress and Anxiety

Yogavita Breathing Techniques

Ever wondered what breathing techniques are all about? Breathing techniques are extremely useful to learn because they can help us feel calmer and more confident. In yoga, breathing techniques (pranayama), play an important role in stilling the mind and reaching a meditative state. Benefits of breathing techniques Are you catching your breath after are running Continue reading »

Pregnancy Yoga: What You Need to Know

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga is a popular choice for taking up exercise during pregnancy, and for good reason. Pregnancy yoga can be very beneficial as it is relaxing and calming and strengthens the body gently and mindfully. Following on from my last blog on the Dos and Don’ts of pregnancy yoga, and ahead of my new pregnancy yoga class at Continue reading »

Top 5 Yoga Poses for Stress Release

Top 5 Poses for stress release

In my workshops on Managing Stress with Yoga I usually ask people what their favourite pose for releasing tensions, and invariably the following poses come up each time. They are really great for a yoga home practice because they are gentle and non-competitive. The practice of asanas – just as any form of physical exercise Continue reading »