What‘s The Best Style of Yoga to Release Stress?

cat stretching

When I run stress management workshops, clients often ask me which style of yoga is best for relieving stress. So, let me give you a short answer and a long answer. The short answer is: Whatever works for you.   What works for you? For some people a dynamic, Vinyasa or Ashtanga class allows them to Continue reading »

How Yoga Can Help During Exams

Recently, a student attended one of my workshops for stress management as she was starting revising for her A-level exams and already feeling the pressure. Afterwards, I remembered that I had a little list of tips from when I was still working as a stress counsellor, which I shared with her and she found really Continue reading »

Building Strength with Yoga


Building strength is one of my most popular workshop topics. I can see why: Building strength is rewarding because we can feel the results relatively quickly. With increased strength we can start to learn more challenging poses such as arm balances. Most importantly though, maintaining muscular strength will allow us to stay active, able to Continue reading »

Introduction to Mindful Meditation


Mindful Meditation is both simple and difficult. Not surprisingly, the devil lies in the detail as I found out as soon as I started trying meditating. The general principles, however, are straightforward. From buddhism to present day Mindfulness Meditation is found in Buddhism as the seventh element of the Noble Eightfold Path to finding release from the cycle of rebirth. Wind Continue reading »

What is Yin and What is Yang Yoga?

Thai Chi

‘Yin’ and ‘yang’ are terms originating in traditional Chinese philosophy, so how did they find their way into yoga and what can you expect in a Yin and Yang Yoga class? ‘Yin’ and ‘yang’ describe the opposite forces inherent in nature. These forces may seem contrary but are actually complementary and interdependent aspects of the Continue reading »

What is Your Reason for Practicing Yoga?

Reasons for practicing yoga

Thinking about why it might be useful and beneficial to practice yoga, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one reason that really matters: It is your reason for practicing yoga. What made me think about the reasons for practicing yoga is International Day of Yoga on 21 June. International Day of Yoga was established Continue reading »

Yoga Poses to Ward off the Winter Cold

Yoga to ward off winter cold, snow-covered wooden garden hut

Last night, my yoga class was full despite the cold and icy weather. Luckily, the roads were all free, gritted and salted, and many students walked to class. But with the weather being rather unpredictable over the next few days, snow and ice might prevent us from going to our regular yoga class. A yoga Continue reading »