How Yoga Can Help During Exams

Recently, a student attended one of my workshops for stress management as she was starting revising for her A-level exams and already feeling the pressure. Afterwards, I remembered that I had a little list of tips from when I was still working as a stress counsellor, which I shared with her and she found really Continue reading »

How to Start Practicing Yoga at Home

Yoga Home Practice

Is your yoga studio closed over the festive period? Maybe this is a good opportunity to get started with practicing yoga at home! If going to a class is a bit like going to school then practicing at home is like becoming a teacher yourself. There are so many spiritual and health benefits of yoga, why let Continue reading »

Health Benefits of Yoga

health benefits of yoga visualised with triangle pose in garden setting

On occasion of World Health Day on 7 April, it might be worth reflecting on the health benefits of yoga. When I went to my first yoga class I loved it because it made me feel good: My mood lifted, I felt physically stronger and fitter, and I enjoyed time to myself as well as meeting Continue reading »