Extended Yoga Class in June

Not that long ago, a two-hour yoga class was the norm. Then 90 minutes. Now more often than not, 60 minutes. An ‘extended’ class gives you the opportunity to delve into yoga more profoundly, with more time to really connect with each pose, move, theme.

Please join me for an extended yoga class in June with a focus on balancing the fiery energies of summer, stretching, and relaxing. And if you find it hard to go to your usual yoga class during the summer months, read here how to practice yoga at home.

Cooling Summer Practice
Saturday, 15 June 2019, 14.00 – 16.00

Join me for this balancing workshop where you will be guided through a calming Hatha and Yin yoga practice, learn a cooling breathing technique, and finish with restful Yoga Nidra.

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Practicing Yoga at Home

There are so many health benefits of yoga, why let them go during the summer break? Practising yoga at home is not difficult, and even a short practice will help you stretch and strengthen the body as well as taking a break from your daily tasks.

Schedule time into your diary

One of the main barriers to practising yoga at home I hear is ‘I don’t have enough time in the day’. And yes, it feels like life is busier than ever for many of us. But taking care of our own body and mind surely has to be a top priority for us. If we do not take care, who will?

Practicing yoga at home when we ‘have half an hour to spare’ simply doesn’t work, trust me. There will always be other things demanding our attention. It really helps to block the time in your diary.

A little bit each day

It helped me read once that Barack Obama started each morning with a workout in the gym. If the former president of the United States could find the time, the rest of us surely can, too? Even 10 to 20 minutes are still a yoga practice and definitely count. As with many other things, a little practice each day leads to better results than one big session once a week.

A dedicated space

Having a dedicated space for your home yoga practice can help get into the swing of things. Maybe you have the luxury of converting a spare bedroom into your yoga room. If not, a corner in the living room or bedroom, free of clutter, where you can roll out your mat is all you need. Props like blocks, belt and a blank can be useful but are not essential.

Need inspiration?

There are many free YouTube yoga videos. I personally like Adriene’s 30 days of yoga challenge. No thinking required, simply load the video and join in. Or you may like to put together a little routine with your favourite yoga poses. Or you can use sequences you already know, like the Sun Salutations and the Five Tibetan Rituals.

Stay safe

Should you decide to use videos, don’t get caught up in trying out poses which are not suitable for you in an attempt to keep up with the teacher/instructor. It is much better to stick with poses you are familiar with. Always respect your boundaries and be mindful of the fact that your body has different needs each day.

Beyond asana

Remember that there is more to yoga than the practice of poses. On some days you may decide to meditate, practice a breathing technique, go for a mindful walk, or simply relax.

Whatever you do, enjoy.