Irene is enthusiastic about the benefits of yoga for all ages, and has taught people aged 15 – 91.
She offers a holistic, modern approch to yoga, helping clients to improve flexibility, mobility and strength, and find mental peace and relaxation. She places great emphasis on alignment and safe practice and loves it when there are smiles in the room.

Yoga is an integral part of Irene’s life: Yoga helps her stay fit and flexible and balanced – when she has a bad day, it lifts her mood, and when she needs to get rid of excess energy or stress, it helps here let go.

Previously, Irene worked as a public relations manager in the IT industry for more than a decade, both in the UK and in Germany. In 2004, she retrained and set up as a counsellor and coach to help people deal better with stress and anxiety-related problems. She also provided and still provides corporate talks and workshops on topics such as mindfulness, resilience, stress management, desk yoga, and relaxation techniques.

Having practised yoga for almost twenty years, Irene qualified as a yoga teacher with Yoga Professionals, and currently provides yoga classes at various venues, yoga studios and fitness centres in Hertfordshire.


Trained with Yoga Professionals
Yoga Professionals

Member of The Register of Exercise Professionals