Yogavita AboutFeeling good, improving health, enjoying relaxation – that’s what yoga is about for me.

I am enthusiastic about the benefits of yoga for all ages, and have taught people aged 15 – 91. Mental relaxation and movement with the breath are as as important to me as good alignment to get the most benefits from each pose. I place great emphasis on safe practice and love it when there are smiles in the room.

My special interest lies in Yoga for Managing Stress, as it allows me to combine my previous work as a stress counsellor with my passion for yoga.

20+ years ago I went to my first yoga class – and still enjoy attending yoga classes regularly, often practicing alongside my students in one of the centres I am teaching at.

I like to continue learning and growing by regularly attending workshops with leading yoga teachers on a variety of topics. Most recently I attended workshops with Jason Birch, Jacqueline Hargreaves, Joey Miles, Carlos Pomeda, Sarah Ramsden, and Leslie Kaminoff.


Trained with Yoga Professionals

Member of The Register of Exercise Professionals